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Washable Clothing Protector
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Washable Clothing Protector

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Reduce your pile of washing by protecting your clothes with a Washable Clothing Protector. It’s easily hooked around the user’s neck and secured with a press in stud, there isn’t any need to tie knots! The absorbent top layer is finished in an attractive double layered polycotton tartan fabric offering 100% stain and liquid resistant. The bib is reusable and can be machine-washed and line safely.



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With an attractive design this Washable Clothing Protector is designed to prevent food and drink from soaking through and staining clothes during mealtimes.

Ideal for those who find dropping food and spilling drinks a problem, this clothing protector has a triple layer design to stop both solids and liquids in their tracks, the backing is waterproof.

Features an adjustable snap closure for comfort.

This protector is in extra long length to ensure maximum protection. 

Helps keep cleaning to a minimum for carers.

This clothing protector is reusable and can be machine-washed.

Size: 90 x 45cm (35 x 18")

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