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Clip your walking sticks or crutches in an x-shape to rest them against a wall or table. Simply hook your stick over your arm, over a chair back, or on a table top, reduces having to reach for fallen sticks and no more tripping over your sticks. Fits crutches and walking sticks between 18-25mm.


Bridgit is a clever, attractive clip that solves the problem of holding crutches and walking sticks when they aren’t being used.

Bridgit joins two crutches or walking sticks together in a stable x shape to rest against any convenient surface much safer than laying the crutches or stick on the floor.

It can also be used to hooks single crutches or walking sticks over the back of the chair or hand rail, keeping them out of the way but still within easy reach.

Bridgit is easy to use and suitable for all crutches and sticks between 18-25mm.